CCTV Installation

At VirtueNetz, we have a mission to keeping our customers satisfied. As the security of customer infrastructure and assets is our prime responsibility, we offer highest quality services in designing, angling and installing top standard CCTV cameras available in the market. In terms of CCTV Camera Installation we are the leading service providers in Lahore.

What Security Issues Could Arise


Have you ever wondered how CCTV cameras help a business stay secure? Only the professionally installed CCTV setups provide real value in time of need. On the other hand, weak CCTV installation creates problems in situations when one desperately needs it to be useful. The key reason is lack of understanding customer requirements and wrong design in the process of installation. At VirtueNetz, we ensure perfect CCTV installation at home and business infrastructure for peace of mind to our customers.

How we Help


With our highly qualified design teams, we endorse that customers receive a uniquely designed CCTV camera installation which records the most essential footage with coverage from the right angles that makes sense. We take pride in designing the perfect CCTV solutions to meet all surveillance requirements. In order to support broad needs of customers, our professional design team provides proficiency in systems, software, support and maintenance in analogue as well as IP camera setups.

How we Eliminate Errors


We undergo a methodical process in eliminating the chance of errors by analyzing the total space and its various dimensions for proper coverage including floor, ceiling, walls, niches and corners and other surroundings in the 3D model software. Doing this, we not only evaluate key camera viewing angles and focal lengths but also make sure that all trigonometry aspects are met for a perfect surveillance system.

Our Process of Installation


At VirtueNetz, we use highly specialized systems for calculated precision of viewing key angles and focal lengths. While implementing the setup, we make sure vital security needs are being catered according to priorities established by the customers. This includes reviewing the setup process, test driving the system, understanding critical areas of potential issues, and addressing quality assurance requirements.

User-Friendly Monitoring


With modern technological methods, we offer CCTV camera designs that enable a broad outlook of all human activity from anywhere and everywhere. The entire infrastructure could be viewed via mobile phone, laptops, tablets and PCs using a simple internet enabled device.

Benefits to Customers

At VirtueNetz, we not just provide sound surveillance but also ensure all present and evolving customer needs are understood during the installation of CCTV cameras. This is backed by sound support and services providing customers with peace of mind in security matters. In order to view entrance or the staff room, all footage would just be a click away with:

Whether your need is installing CCTV cameras in all rooms or just the public areas, VirtueNetz team will be happy to deliver quality solutions with best services right at your doorstep.

If you have any further queries, please feel free to contact us at  +92 335 4746474 or email us [email protected]