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  • Are you a startup firm or a small-to-medium business?
  • Do you aim to generate lots of revenues?
  • Do you want superior decision making skills in strategy and operations?


What Value we Can Provide

We greet you to VN Trainings and Consulting. We understand that you are either a startup firm or small-to-medium business (SME) aiming to survive and succeed in the tough and competitive market of Pakistan. We understand that you need training in essential knowledge of how business dynamics work in the modern world. We also realize that you need solutions to practical problems concerning sales, demand, and profitability. Well, there is a context around your needs, and let’s explore the surrounding conditions first as follows:

Fighting the Tough Industry Conditions

The Pakistani industry in many sectors is getting crowded with new players and competitors. Despite technological and operational convenience in current times, there is a growing difficulty in reaching demand and sales according to targets. Moreover, there could be lot of reasons for not getting the right kind of profitability despite perfect conditions. Business research suggests that the type of industry doesn’t link with profitability as much as choice of the company head i.e., CEO or Managing Director, etc. The institution head is the key cause to business success and failure. This is due to the fact that business leaders decide strategy, choice of products offered, markets covered, and the value provided to customers along with supporting operations as ingredients of business model. In other words, the business model adopted by leaders is what really matters to financial success.

How VN Helps you Succeed in Generating Revenues

Triggering sales and profitability for our customers is where VN Training and Consulting steps in. We provide a unique support system that nobody offers in the Pakistani market yet — we provide training, coaching, and consulting to small-and-medium enterprises to deliver full value for time and attention. Our unique and personalized lecturing, discussion, and case study setup is designed to highlight industry trends, business success factors, and key processes that you don’t want to ignore. The aim is, helping customers solve business problems independently for current and future growth.

What is the Course and What Does it Cover

For the purpose of increasing your sales revenues and profitability, we have designed a special course titled, ‘Plan your Business Model for Success. ’ This course shall train to identify key components of your business, and how they are glued together as a single entity. The areas that we shall cover include:

  • Knowing Your Customer
  • Providing Value that Customers Deserve
  • Delivering Value through Distribution Channel
  • Customer Relationships
  • Activities and Processes in Creating Value
  • Resources and Capabilities
  • Networks and Alliances
  • Revenue Impact
  • Cost Impact

Who is the Course Instructor

Mr. Muhammad Imran Hameed is the course instructor. He is an academic, working as Assistant Professor in a leading university. Imran has over 20 years of working experience in the industry as well as in teaching. He holds a strong background in consultancy and training to the public enterprise and the SMEs with experience spanning many years. As a trainer, he has conducted numerous trainings and workshops for notable public sector clients (including the Pakistan Air Force) and small-and-medium enterprises. The topic coverage for corporate training to his interest include developing strategy for competitiveness, creating mindset for corporate entrepreneurship, developing a competitive business plan, bringing creativity innovation to organizations, analytical and critical thinking, decision making for effectiveness, and making ethics relevant to business.

How the Course Works

The course is based upon board-meeting format. We provide a congenial and comfortable physical environment for lecturing and discussion. Besides coaching on how to develop and understand a business model, we provide personalized consultancy to identify your business issues concerning strategy, sales, and profitability. In addition to knowledge about key business concepts, the instructor shall focus specifically on your firm to develop solutions for higher product value, customer demand, operational productivity, and profitability.

What are the Course Timings

One-day (7-hour) session taken up on Saturday from 9.00 am till 4.00 pm.

What is the Fee Structure

As an introductory price, the fees of the course is Rs. 20,000 per person with a 25% concession for a two-people registration from the same company. The payment shall be in the form of bank draft or pay order on a pre-payment basis.

What Shall be Your Take Home from the Course

The participants shall get the following value from this course:

  1. What is a business model
  2. What is competitive advantage and how to build and sustain it
  3. How to develop strategy to create revenues
  4. How to generate valuable resources and operations
  5. How to look for opportunities in creating demand and wealth

Our Contact Numbers

Phone: +9242-35152535

Mobile/WhatsAPP: +92 335 4746474

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