Augmented Reality Marketing: #1 Best Way To Boost SMM

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Augmented Reality Marketing: #1 Best Way To Boost SMM

Augmented Reality Marketing: #1 Best Way To Boost SMM

What is Augmented Reality?

With augmented reality (augmented reality in marketing and advertising), users can engage with immersive and excellent experiences by superimposing digital content over the actual world. Many devices, including tablets, smartphones, glasses, and headsets, can be used to access an augmented reality. AR offers many uses, including gaming, entertainment, healthcare, and education.

By using augmented reality (augmented reality marketing statistics), you may connect the actual and virtual worlds to enhance employee guidance, and training, expedite problem-solving, maximize efficiency, foster better teamwork, and better prepare for the future.

Through holographic technology, augmented reality is a more interactive and enhanced version of the real world, complete with digital visuals, sounds, and other sensory aspects. Three aspects of augmented reality are :

  • Real-time interactions between digital and physical worlds, 
  • Precise 3D identification of virtual and actual things,
  • and both.

By superimposing digital content in real-world work settings, augmented reality provides a better approach to creating, crating, and delivering consumable instructions. Everyone can collaborate while working remotely when a firm knows what augmented reality (augmented reality in marketing and advertising) is and how to use it.

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Five Components of Augmented Reality

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) is required for the majority of augmented reality systems, which let users execute tasks with voice instructions. Information processing for your AR application can also be aided by AI.

AR programs:

To access augmented reality, use these technologies and applications. Certain enterprises can develop their own AR software.


Processing is a must process or content order to function your AR technologies (augmented reality in marketing and advertising), which you can usually get by using the internal operating system of your device. The device could be a smartphone, any hand-held device, etc. All devices have all the necessary applications to run augmented reality apps. Augmented reality marketing statistics are used to enhance processing in all departments.

Input devices: 

To have a look at your intended content or an image, a lens is required. This brings you a better experience to have a look at your image like in real life. Furthermore, input devices may include scanners, smartphones, and webcams.


An initial measuring unit(IMU) is used to fulfill this task. This includes three kinds of sensors: a gyroscope, a  magnetometer, and an accelerometer.

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What is Augmented Reality Marketing?

Do you know what is augmented reality marketing? Augmented reality marketing means incorporating augmented reality into your business marketing. It is an influential marketing strategy that allows businesses or brands to interact with their customers attractively and create a more powerful bond with them.

People are more likely to use their mobile phones for every daily routine, from shopping to conferencing, from taking pictures on social media to sharing their routine on Instagram. Brands and businesses are working more on their augmented reality marketing to bring interactive experiences to their consumers on mobile phones. Augmented reality marketing statistics are helping brands to analyze all intricate points related to production, audience, buyers, and brand worth. VirtueNetz augmented reality marketing agency is available to help you in all possible matters.

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Key Benefits of Augmented Reality Marketing

Augmented reality marketing and augmented reality marketing statistics offer so many benefits to all businesses and brands that it has changed the whole marketing trend in the business world. The following are given below by an augmented reality marketing agency:

Escalated Interest In the Product and Brand:

Augmented reality technology provides more deep interest in consumers to visit their AR-generated app or website, which gives consumers a more immersive experience and enables brands to interact more powerfully with their customers or consumers

Educating Consumer: 

Do you want to educate your customers in a few seconds? augmented reality marketing agency is the best solution. AR is used to educate customers or users about the features and benefits of the product. Companies can create an augmented reality (augmented reality in marketing and advertising) user manual that helps customers to know their products. This leads to increased levels of client satisfaction and knowledge.

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Engaging Customers:

Customer engagement is the most important benefit in the AR world where customers meet the digital world in the real world which gives a more immersive and interactive experience to the user. Augmented reality marketing agency is super helpful for customer engagement. Moreover, augmented reality marketing platforms are helpful for all types of business. 

For example: if you want to buy earrings or studs for a specific face structure but don’t know which will suit you the most on your face value. There is one app that offers you a variety of products, but on another hand, there is one site that offers you AR technology to try earrings and studs according to your face value to have a check on in reality. Which app would you prefer most?

AR generated or the other one?

Purchase Convenience

Purchase convenience can be increased with the help of augmented reality. Customers can try things in reality and save their time in shopping using AR technologies. Augmented reality marketing not only makes purchasing easy but also makes buying confident and joyful.

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Examples of Augmented Reality Marketing

Snapchat :

Snapchat application is the most powerful and most used example of AR marketing used by 80% of youth nowadays. Firstly, this filter detects the user’s face using AI technology and then applies a variety of filters that the user wants on their face that look so real. 


Ikea’s AR product was recently updated by its design lab, Space10, to make it more immersive and useful. Previously, customers could virtually arrange furniture in a room using the Ikea Place app. The brand-new Ikea Studio software allows users to take full 3D room layouts and redesign them with everything from wall colors and rugs to windows and door frames utilizing LiDAR sensors in iPhones.

Amazon salon:

The first-ever physical hair salon owned by the internet behemoth, Amazon Salon, was partially established as a test site for innovative retail technology. As an illustration, consider “Point and Learn,” which allows “customers to simply point at the product they are interested in on a display shelf and the relevant information, including brand videos and educational content, will appear on a display screen,” according to Amazon. Customers can then visit the product page on the e-commerce website by scanning the corresponding QR code on the shelf to make a purchase. Together with this equipment, clients will be able to use augmented reality (AR) technology to try various hair colors before getting their hair done.


It’s impossible to predict whether you’ll like the lip color or foundation coverage if you don’t try it on in-store, which is one reason why a lot of people avoid purchasing beauty goods online. Although not everyone may feel comfortable doing so, Sephora is known for understanding this problem and letting customers try items on before they buy them. To make sure customers are satisfied, it provides a virtual try-on kiosk within the store for less comfortable individuals.

State of Augmented Reality Marketing                                

Even though using augmented reality in marketing is still relatively new, advertisers may still learn from these firms’ innovative use of technology in their campaigns. 

Ultimately, marketers of all sizes may find themselves with greater opportunities to use technology as the media landscape shifts and technology advances. When they do, they’ll have to consider their investment strategy with originality and creativity. Augmented reality marketing platforms are not only beneficial for work but also easy to get specialization.

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How does AR boost your social media strategy?

 Using Branded Filters to Boost Promotion:

Younger people are big fans of using face filters on social media. Users can use augmented reality (AR) filters on social media platforms, such as to add items like flower crowns or glasses to their photographs or to change their faces into animals. However, facial filters are more than just amusement.

Companies may quickly advertise their businesses on social media by using custom filters. For example, Taco Bell developed a custom Snapchat filter that transformed users’ faces into—you guessed it—tacos. With Taco Bell’s branding in the lower corner, many users shared taco-field versions of themselves after discovering this strange augmented reality filter.

“Try” Before Purchasing

Because they can handle the merchandise or try it on to see how it will appear on them, many customers still prefer to shop in physical stores. However, the same brick-and-mortar customers might soon conduct more of their purchasing online owing to augmented reality. Through augmented reality, consumers may “try on” goods as they peruse merchandise on social media sites like Instagram.

The ability to visually try on a product helps customers feel more confident about their purchase by providing them with a clearer picture of how it will fit and function for them. Thus, e-commerce companies may see an increase in sales by integrating AR into their social media marketing. In fact, according to Tractica, AR-based advertisements will generate almost $13 billion in revenue annually by 2022.

Incorporate Immersions to Increase Engagement

Users can only be drawn in by a static image or a typical video for so long. On the other side, users can have a longer-lasting, more immersive experience with augmented reality. For instance, you can use augmented reality (AR) to bring your business to life rather than just building a billboard or a standard social media ad. Augmented Reality Marketing Statistics can help you analyze your targeted audience, areas of purchase, and brand loyalty.

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More than just a fad, immersive augmented reality technology is a revolutionary force that is redefining digital marketing, social networking, and online shopping. Creating engaging, immersive experiences that connect with clients is more important than merely pushing goods or services.

Augmented reality marketing creates a link between the digital and real worlds, encouraging deeper interactions and long-lasting relationships with prospective customers. It’s a tool for telling stories, solving issues, winning over clients, and adding value for them.

Let’s keep innovating and pushing the envelope as VirtueNetz embraces augmented reality’s promise. Recall that AR’s use in marketing is still in its early stages. VirtueNetz augmented reality marketing agency will change your sales, revenue, and business growth graphs in a few days. Together, let’s improve social media and digital marketing by being intrigued and inspired, one augmented reality experience at a time. 

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