Website Maintenance Services

Web Maintenance services in Pakistan

Website Maintenance Services

The website adds great value to your business online presence. Website maintenance Services implement updates that are necessary such as editing text, revising photos or changing services/product description.

Website is not a one-time investment. Virtuenetz assists you in maintaining overall web pages according to your business needs. We offer several options for adding new information once a month or daily depending on your needs for selling product/service.

Maintaining a website is a difficult task. To perform it effectively you need a professional webmaster.

Where online presence is considered a topmost category to interact with your customers. Website maintenance is now a routine process to keep up with industry standards. For example, an updated website ensures that the new information related to sales, prices and upcoming events are available.

A team of professional’s work along with your business and make this critical process easy. Which allow your users to get familiar with your product given with the latest information.

VirtueNetz offer customized website maintenance services with the most affordable packages and guarantee increased performance. We consider website maintenance is an essential process for your business.

How website maintenance services impact on your business?

Website maintenance is often a delayed process. Many businesses start with buying a domain and something temporary, but they do not update it later. However, there can be an incredible impact on your business once you start investing in web maintenance services.

The most compelling reasons to plan website maintenance includes:


Your user wants a good experience when browsing through your website. Most of the time your competitors take over all your customers because of enhanced usability. Where most of the business underestimate the power of best UX, it can give you an impressive return.

With website maintenance services you can keep changing by adding enhanced UX which will ultimately bring more customers.


Security must be your top priority whether you have an e-commerce site or a simple site. If someone hacks your website, there can be a tremendous loss. They can easily access user data that you have promised to keep safe or they can post violet/offensive content that can lead to bad business reputation.

Thus, Website maintenance services keep updating new security plans for a proactive approach to protect web information and decrease cyberattack.


The functionality of your website directly affects usability. Functionality features such as navigation bar need to be properly working. If it stops working, it can have a drastic effect on user experience.

Such functionality can be maintained by simply investing in monthly or weekly maintenance plans. It can easily narrow the downtime of your website. Which can also have a great impact on your business, as the longer you delay the maintenance process the longer it will take to fix any broken website feature.

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SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Having an online presence means interacting with customers. to drive online traffic on your website you need continuous updating.

Google works with an algorithm, where it top rank only those websites that has the most relevant and up-to-date information. The website will be invisible on search engine if it’s too old or not updated with new content, keywords, design etc. Website maintenance help in implementing a new SEO strategy to bring your website on the top search among search engine results.

Customer Engagement

Once you start getting traffic and targeted audience on your website, it becomes more important to turn them into potential customers. Thus, having the right information and relevant content without any issue in grammar/spelling is necessary.

Customer engagement can be critical to managing. With regular updates, you can change and create a new strategy to enhance your website according to customer needs.

Brand/Business Image

Developing a website has become very simple. but only professional business can convey a professional design and content.

You need to add value and support to maintain that professionalism for your customers. If you keep delaying the website maintenance process, it might take a longer time to bring the website on the same speed.

If you do not want the risk to start everything from scratch, then keep a well-managed website maintenance process.

Updated Design and Technology

A website with newly added technology gives customers the confidence that they are buying from an authentic brand. The better the back-end will run, smother it become to browse over different web pages.

Online website maintenance can give you the opportunity to design and add a modern style that makes you better than your competitors.

How VirtueNetz Website Maintenance Benefits your Business?

We take website maintenance very seriously. It is very important for us to keep your business up-lift. Your achievement is our success.

  • We provide all the new and updated information for your product/service to the visitors. Keep special operation running with key information of your business.
  • We provide synchronization with offline marketing and add them up with the online presence for better understanding for the visitors.
  • We maintain your website in such a way that it gives a reason for the customers to keep visiting it.

We give special time to each client, to create a perfect solution for maintaining websites specific to their business needs

We value our clients and their business reputation. Our team of professionals have years of experience in maintaining the highest business websites. We manage to arrange everything possible to give you the highest customer response. Our website maintenance services are designed and implemented with a real-time example.

Our goal is to offer a full-service plan in the most affordable budget for all clients. That is why our packages start with the lowest prices in the market.

How to decide on different Website Maintenance Packages

If you are confused about deciding the best website maintenance package. There are many reasons that can determine if you need the service or not.

Size of your website: The bigger your website is, the more there is a need to maintain those several web pages.

Purpose of your website: If you have an E-commerce website or any other website that involves continuous customer engagement, you require regular up-to-date information.

A large amount of customized content: It is very critical to keep and manage customized content with a new addition on the information. Thus, the maintenance service will be very helpful.

Your business is growing quickly: The increased number of customers means you need a regular updating on your website. A service with regular maintenance with short time beak can help in quality and brand image.

Your Website Maintenance Experience: if you are not familiar with any sort of website maintenance process, you need to invest in a good plan.

Website currently out-of-date: Are you still running a website that you have developed a year ago? Then you need a new website maintenance plan.

Our Web Maintenance Service Include

VirtueNetz provides the most updated and high-quality services including:

  • Regular Updating of information and images on the website
  • Keeping a check and maintaining the functionality of the website e.g. making sure that all the processes are running smoothly
  • Updating and adding new web pages and links to the website.
  • Checking and Confirming that no broken links (web pages that are missing) are on the website.
  • Advising and working along with the clients on how to use and grow the website effectively for a better return on investment.

How much time do you have to spend on website maintenance?

Starting an online business may seem easy, however, maintaining the quality needs time and investment. If your website is just presently available without any updated information, then you should consider purchasing a website maintenance package.

Your website is a tool that helps you grow business; given proper time and attention can make a huge difference in making fast progress.

Let Us Help You!

We help you manage timely website updates with reliable and affordable service. We offer SEO, hosting, security and updates, backups, support, and many more!

Your website is like a vehicle, you need to keep checking and maintain it to have a smooth run. Similarly, your website needs that attention to have a strong connection and presence. If your website is not getting that maintenance, then contact us and get it working perfectly today.

How often your Website needs Maintenance?

Any website that is online and used for the benefit of the business need to be maintained once a year. Generally, the updated maintenance includes:

  • A domain name, SSL certificate, and website hosting service renewal
  • CMS and security patches updates
  • And E-commerce system updates

Where there is more than just a domain name and hosting renewal, companies need regular check and follow-up. That is why maintenance service providers are offering monthly packages for more affordable charges.

Where these monthly plans benefit business when regular updates provide bug fixing, content and image update. It is a proactive and effective approach to keep your website more attentive among competitors.

Feature of VirtueNetz Website Maintenance Services

  • Improvements on overall Website
  • Updates of Products or Services
  • Online special support service
  • Maintenance for user-Interactivity

We keep all your website’s features and functions operational that can help you market your products and services successfully.

5 Reasons companies choose VirtueNetz for Website Maintenance Services

  • We have the best-dedicated team of expert and professionals
  • We offer a full-time online support system
  • We offer extended and reliable website maintenance plan options
  • We have the diverse skillset for all activities
  • We are a full-service agency

Our Website Maintenance Packages options

Not all websites need similar services!

We understand that every website demands a different maintenance service. Therefore, we give three separate packages with three different plans that can also be tailored to the need and demand of the business.

Our customer approach to meet the unique needs of your business separate us from all other companies. We have a full record track of satisfied clients and a high recommendation percentage in the market than any other service provider.

Why choose VirtueNetz for website maintenance plans?

With a high client percentage rate, we are the trusted choice for many companies in need of website maintenance. Our decades of expert experience, customized unique strategies, and unparalleled commitment to our clients is what sets us apart from any other website maintenance services providers in the industry.

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