What Are The Most Common Mistakes Game Developers Make When They Launch Their First Mobile Game?

What Are The Most Common Mistakes Game Developers Make When They Launch Their First Mobile Game?

Are you a Mobile Game Developer? Let’s find out the right direction to develop your blockbuster game, best tips to avoid common game development problems like the idea, designing, development, audience, updates. You know what mobile games were always there before the invention of smartphones. It’s not a new trend if you are launching your game but you can make an individual identity with your smart and creative ideas.

Game development is a very common profession and everyone has their own targeted audience, what’s your next plan? Are you confused about balancing your game nature and audience against your ideal revenue? What are the most common mistakes mobile game developers make when they launch their first mobile game?

Interestingly, the given discussion is all about the common mistakes that we can make while gaming development. Luckily, we are also going to discuss the authentic and easy solution to overcome major common issues. I bet, you can not only improve your gaming apps but also get ready to multiply your revenues and targeted audience. Let’s start the conversation.

Common Mistakes of Game Development

1: Try to Make a Big Game

No doubt game development for beginners is a challenging role. At the initial step, every game developer has a big thought in their mind to make an epic game, and they especially love to target a huge audience. Are you on the list of these developers? Don’t make an epic attempt at the initial level. If you are working on the big plan as a beginner, you can crash your audience and revenue as well, just because of less experience. It’s a genuine reality that experience matters a lot in game development (specially in video game development). Try to start with short and creative games and improve your skill to solve underlined problems (both from the development and user end).

2: Targeted Audience

Specific games are loved by specific audiences. Suitable game design for beginners is a crucial step to make a success story. You know what every game is not suitable for all age groups, regions, and cultures. If some regions are loving to play your game, it does not mean that every group of regions is attractive to your creativity. Don’t panic, make a correct decision and choose your specific audience before taking any step of game development.

There are many kinds of audience like some players love to play casual/ simple games, some people prefer creative and epic games and some people play randomly to kill their boring routine. Keep your audience precise and then draw the game Craft to meet their demands.

3: Difficult Levels with Incorrect Setting

It’s an ultimate fact that most of the immature game developers don’t know the genuine flow of difficult levels. They just focus on the difficult levels to make an interesting game but they totally forget game protocols and symmetry.

Best tip: sometimes people just love to play simple game levels (according to age groups and regions) and sometimes players love to indulge in complex levels, make a satisfying strategy for game levels according to your targeted audience. To cover this problem, you should apply a strong testing process with experts and beginner players and then make a conclusion whether your game levels are acceptable for a targeted audience or not.

4: Player’s Requirements

Most of the developers just forget to think about their audience demands and flexibility (in terms of action, adventure, and application requirements). Make proper research and find out what your people are expecting from you. Work on the game themes, updates schedule, application download requirements, responsiveness, user’s affordability, etc. All these initial steps are important to consider to make an incredible and epic game, as a result, you can win ideal revenue.

Lack of Guidance on how to Play games is a big mistake, when developers launch their new games. Developers forget to elaborate their strategies “how to play the game?”. Most people get annoyed when they don’t know how to meet a specific game level and how to interact with the application.

Important tip: try to make a luxury video as knowledge of a new game. People will definitely love to play those games about which they have enough knowledge. Keep connected with your audience and aware of them before any game updates, it’s a healthy practice for incredible positive results.

5: Copy Ideas of Others

Don’t you think that players are cleverer than developers? Definitely yes, then why do most of the game developers prefer to copy other’s thoughts? Basically, we give enough time to marketing, we spend maximum resources but we don’t focus on the creativity and research work. This is the main reason that ruins the game application.

A big reality: When people download a game by observing lavish ads then quickly download the game. And when they find the same features and functionality as any other game, they just hit the uninstall button. What are you thinking about this huge mistake? A loyal suggestion, never ever develop your game on the basis of the copied ideas, try to be creative and be a strong researcher to win the game.

6: To Realize Game Before its Final Development

What’s your reaction when you visit any website and it’s not functioning properly? Definitely, you will quickly close the tab and move to another related site, agree? I think yes then how can you launch your game application before complete development? Got the point? The ultimate solution to cover this problem is testing. Properly test the complete game functionality and go for the launch. Make enough ease and flexibility for the end-user (in the form of downloading, availability and guidance).

7: Failed to Localize the Game

Most of the time game developers launched their game globally at the level of beginner game development. One common mistake that mostly occurred is failure to localize the game. In other words, your game should have a margin of different languages because different regions have different languages. On the other side, keep the global cultures in your mind when you are planning to target a worldwide audience. Choose the acceptable themes, game concepts, level values, and especially easy approaches. Moreover, you can win long-term success if you are updating your game according to the player’s taste, think according to audience demands, and then go for the development.

Remarkable tip: play some global level games related to your creative idea and clearly draw an image of how they portrait their thoughts and why people are loving to play these games.

8: Code Misunderstanding

Are you a beginner-level game developer? No doubt it’s a highly considered tip to understand code synchronization. Basically, every time you have to interact with code for any bug fixing and updates as well. Interestingly game developers need to make classes within main classes and so on. So, it’s hard to handle numerous lines of code, specifically when you require an update for a specific game portion.

Best solution: No comment and no explanation techniques can simplify your code because one game needs many kinds of functionalities. So, what is the alternative way? Simply make separate files for all functions and save them with a specific name. As a result, your unnecessary downtime will be minimized and you can easily make any modifications to your code.

The above tip is the best way for source control and especially no function can affect the code performance of another. One major benefit of code management is easy collaboration with other programmers, in case you need to share a file with some other person, you can easily send it without disturbing complete code. Don’t be messy, low down your frustration level, and enjoy remarkable games by expert code management.

9: Over Planning

Are you planning an interesting game? Don’t you think that over-planning is wasting your creative skills, my friend? No doubt over planning can eat your creativity. The term scope creep is used in game development, it starts with a minor stage and gets increases while the next development stage. Long story short, when you have a list of tasks, don’t panic, make a proper management schedule according to priorities.

What makes my game fun? What to focus on? How to make a unique game? What about revenue? All these questions force you to over plan. Solve these problems at the initial stage before development and then believe what you are developing. I bet you, you can rock.

10: No Interesting start (or Finish Line)

Nothing more important than a luxury start and lavish end. Let’s suppose you installed a game and it has some fascinating start, definitely you can quickly get bored. As a result, you may leave the window. Make sure that your game builds up a strong interesting level whether your player is losing or winning the game. Sudden disappointment at starting and ending points is a big mistake of game developers.

On the other side, from a development perspective, most of the developers get so fascinated and show their energy at the beginning level. But when developers come to break the hurdles, they just lose their targets and find out easy ways to complete the game. Start your game with stable mind building strategies and keep it up during overall game development. Are you ready to follow this mind-blowing strategy? Yes? Cheers! You are a winner in your game development world.