7 Website Design Features Your Ecommerce Website Must Have

Website Design Features

7 Website Design Features Your Ecommerce Website Must Have

The Pakistani ecommerce market contributed to the global growth rate of 8.7% in 2023, with an anticipated increase of -0.7%. Global ecommerce sales are predicted to rise over the coming years in Pakistan. eCommerce or e-tail is a modern way of business. In this kind of business, customers are not directly or physically connected for purchase or any kind of financial transaction. For online purchases, websites should be optimized with the best website design features. Web design and development agency is the only solution to drive you towards great achievement.

Customers visit just a website and purchase it, where there are many products available according to one’s needs or interests. Customers buy or make a purchase digitally from that website and pay online via many online payment methods using an internet connection.

Intelligent Website Design Features You Never Know

The Internet is taking place at this modern pace. Everything is getting digital and people are comfortable with this. To make a strong bond between consumers and business brands, brands need to make appealing website design features that enable strong features to captivate consumers.

When a customer visits an online store or a website, they just make a snap decision right after landing on the homepage about their purchase. For this, any brand should focus on website design features. Customers may want:

  • Easy online shopping experience from just visiting the website to making a purchase.
  • A good experience throughout.
  • Pleasing and captivating website design features.

A good website design features considers these three customers’ needs as their higher priority.

7 best website design features your website must have

Let’s just discuss the best website design features that fulfill all the customer’s wants. Features of a good website design may include:

User-friendly feature

User friendly is the most important ecommerce website design features. Your website should be interactive with the consumer. If it does not interact gracefully with the customer, the customer will lose interest and switch to another online retailer to make a purchase. User friendly website design features may include:

  • Simple and high-quality homepage
  • Easy navigation
  • Clearly defined listing of categories
  • A search bar
  • And a responsive website

Secure and multiple payment method feature

To increase the probability of sealing the deal at the checkout stage on a website, be sure to make your payment or a checkout stage simple and clear with multiple online payment methods. You could allow credit, debit, PayPal, and many other options for a customer’s ease. Payment methods on your website must be very secure. Customers should trust your online payment gateways to make secure payments. Virtuenetz design and Development Agency is ready to secure your payment procedure free of cost.

Mobile-friendly feature

In 2023, mobile e-commerce sales hit $2.2 trillion, accounting for 60% of global e-commerce sales. Most people are likely to browse more on phones to make an ecommerce purchase, so mobile phone optimization is very important, and good website design features can increase your brand worth multiple times. Your website should be featured in a way that it automatically adjusts itself on mobile phone screens.

Around-the-clock service & customer feedback

Providing helpful and accessible customer service is an important part of customer satisfaction and good experience. This builds trust and large engagement of consumers on websites. Around 93% of customers consider customer service a good website design feature on an ecommerce website.

24/7 availability of customer service plays a vital role in the success of an ecommerce website. Sitting at any place of the world people may have access to the website to make a purchase. 

Another feature every website should consider is customer feedback(customer reviews). Every customer wants to review their good or bad experience on the website they purchased their inner satisfaction. Reviews are very important for any online ecommerce business. Good reviews create a great impact on other visitors to sell good products and finally, they make purchases.

Considerable product information feature

Shopping online is becoming highly common now, but in Pakistan, still some people hesitate to make an online purchase as they are not physically familiar with the product. As people are not directly related to the product and cannot touch, see or try it. This makes it difficult for a customer, especially from a smaller brand, to make an instant purchase online.

To overcome this disadvantage, a website should have a considerable amount of information related to the product. This may include color, size, material, stuff, high-quality images of that product and every angle picture of it, etc. Make sure that every product should be displayed on a model if products are all about clothing. Ensure that product pages on your e-commerce website have sections for related items. This feature can assist customers in finding more products that are tailored to their preferences and requirements.

Discounts availability feature

Discount availability is another game-changing website design feature. Customers are more interested in feeling that they are being treated differently from other customers. They are getting deals, offers, and discounts that would increase their interest in your website. Offering deals, discounts, discounts for first-time visitors, and other user features to engage your customer attraction on your website.

Fast-loading website feature

To keep user interest in your website, try to optimize the speed of your site to ensure the page loads faster. Fast-loading website design feature keeps people interested in your website. Slow-loading websites make people lose interest and make them frustratingly leave your site. Slow-loading websites are the main cause of high bounce rates. Fast-loading websites solve these bounce rates and increase customer engagement and interest. Fast page loading is a main factor in search engine ranking, as Google ranks it more which loads faster.


In this fast-paced world, every single person wants to save time and energy. Ecommerce websites are the most helpful thing introduced to this world, which saves time and makes everything accessible to anyone in any part of the world. For this ecommerce, websites must focus on some important features for better customer satisfaction and sustainability. Optimizing your ecommerce website according to the above-mentioned features will put your ecommerce website at the top.

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